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Gold IRA
We sell physical precious metals to hold personally and for self directed IRAs. Using the most cutting edge precious metals wholesale firm in the world and partnered with several self directed IRA custodians, we offer the simplest and safest way to add gold, silver and platinum bullion to a retirement portfolio.
How It Works
Self directed precious metal IRAs require three components to allow individuals to hold physical precious metals for retirement.
Step 1 - Choose Your Dealer
Your precious metal dealer will help you select the products you would like to hold in your IRA and work directly with your custodian to make payment arrangements for the purchase of your metals.
Step 2 - Choose Your Custodian
Your custodian can be a bank or trust company approved by the Internal Revenue Service. Custodians handle all the payments and paperwork involved with creating your self directed IRA.
Step 3 - Choose Your Depository
Your depository is a highly secure facility where your actual physical metals will be stored and allocated. Precious metals in a self directed IRA must be stored in an IRS approved depository.
Once you have chosen your dealer, custodian and depository, you can complete your purchase. The IRA custodian will handle all the payments and the dealer will ship your metals to the depository.
Our Preferred Custodians
Owning a self directed IRA allows you to not only choose your investment products, but also the people responsible for making sure your investments are looked after. You may choose any IRS approved bank, trust company or other entity that offers physical precious metal IRAs, but the three listed below are preferred custodians for us.
Equity Trust
As an IRS approved custodian, we fulfill the custodial and administrative duties required for each type of investment account you hold.

With an Equity Trust account you have the opportunity to invest in alternative assets such as real estate, precious metals, private equity, and more. Additionally, you can invest in traditional assets such as stocks and mutual funds all through a single custodian.
New Direction Trust Company
While other companies may push you into their comfort zones, we empower you to stay in yours. Your investment ideas. Your creativity. Your instincts.

We have the experience, flexibility, and client support to make any alternative investment happen and the digital tools to make managing your self-directed portfolio easy.

So go ahead—Grab a controlling interest in your future, and march it down the unbeaten path. If you can find it, we can fund it.
Kingdom Trust
Our team members are friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to you, and each understands that your experience is most important. Our Client Service Representatives act as your guides through the account opening, funding and initial investment processes. Our Business Development team creates lasting and successful relationships with our clients and our dedicated Operations and Accounting teams handle transactions promptly and efficiently with the utmost attention paid to the needs and requests of investors and advisors.
Our Preferred Depositories
Self directed precious metal IRAs allow you to own actual physical gold, silver and platinum as a retirement investment, but federal law dictates that the products must be stored in a qualifying depository.

While you are entitled to choose any qualifying depository to store your precious metals, we highly recommend the following three.
IDS of Texas
IDS of Texas
Located in Dallas, Texas, the IDS of Texas precious metals depository is the largest precious metal depository in the state and the first specialized bullion depository in Texas. As the third International Depository Services Group location, the Dallas facility was added in 2017 to meet increased demand for precious metals storage in Texas.

The Dallas facility features state-of-the-art custom construction with Class III vaults and a site just minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It features a UL-rated, multi-redundant security system monitored in real-time, 24/7 by off-site security specialists, as well as on-site armed police officers.

Assets stored at IDS of Texas are insured with Lloyd's of London, the world's leading provider of specialized asset insurance. IDS of Texas adheres to stringent “dual control” policies, including daily activity and monthly audits of precious metals inventory stored at the facility.

Because Texas has no state sales tax on precious metals, investors can buy their bullion and have it shipped to store at IDS of Texas with no sales taxes charged. State leaders, in 2013, created the legislation that exempted the sale of gold, silver, or numismatic coins or gold, silver, or platinum from Texas sales and use tax.
IDS of Delaware
IDS of Delaware
IDS of Delaware's location is well poised for business and near the financial hub of New York City. Better yet, Delaware has no sales tax on the purchase, administration or storage of precious metals in the state.

Delaware possesses a progressive business environment that is tax-neutral in most circumstances. U.S. citizens can buy their precious metals and have them stored in Delaware without being assessed a sales tax. For precious metals, sales tax is based on where the precious metals are delivered and not where they are purchased (or where the buyer lives.)

By having your precious metal purchases delivered to a tax-exempt state, you are essentially saving six to eight percent by not paying sales tax in addition to the cost of your metals purchase. Depending upon the investment, the savings could be substantial. As a result, Delaware is considered one of the premier locations to store your bullion.
IDS of Canada
IDS of Canada
Strategically located in Canada's business capital in the Greater Toronto area, IDS of Canada serves Canadian clients domestically in addition to serving the needs of investors globally.

The precious metal depository specializes in secure custodial storage and shipping for corporate entities and individual investors who own and participate in the precious metals market.

For private investors, in particular, storing gold and precious metals outside of the banking system in another country provides asset production from their government. Moreover, it is legal and non-taxable in many circumstances, such as for American citizens.
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